Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Survival Guide Review

I'm up to page 31, Chapter Two, of How to Survive on Land and Sea, and have concluded this volume is directed on a very complete and basic level towards the inexperienced downed pilot.

There are complete instructions how to paddle a canoe or dugout one may come upon. The survivor is instructed to just take the craft, without the native's permission. Of course, we are surviving here, and striving to get back to base.
Having some experience with manning a craft solo, I know the stroke is very important. To avoid constantly switching sides while paddling forward, the survivor is given details tips on how to stroke straight, with a final upward slant.
Good information. Also included is how to navigate by using landmarks, lining up three items, instead of two as many novices do. By maintaining a constant three point line of view, one eliminates the death circle.
Several black and white photos come with the text. There's good info on dealing with marshes, swamps, traversing ice and quicksand. Bottom line, spread your body out, think swimming instead of plodding.

The first chapter dealt with moral and testing food, all common knowledge among true advocates of wilderness survivalists. However, the doomsday prepper could probably learn some serious stuff in those pages.

As always, head knowledge can't replace in the field testing. Both are essential for building skills. Be open to learning, testing and innovation and you're way ahead of the rest of the herd.

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