Thursday, February 5, 2015

Of Moose and Men

One would think being unemployed that I would have my new book published by now. For some reason, things have come in the way. But good news! The final proof reading of the final draft shall begin next week.
This nonfictional compilation of stories details last summer's job Ridge Running in the Hundred Mile Wilderness. Most of the names will be changed to protect the good, bad and ugly. However, some names deserve to be mentioned. You know who you are. Don't sue me. I'm broke. 
I'll talk about gear, both found and created, long distance hikers, backpackers not staying at site, thru hikers (south bounders and north bounders), day hikers, day hikers with kids, day hikers with dogs. I kept "body counts" as part of my job.
There are stories about wild animals, seen and unseen, things that went bump in the night, things I wanted to exterminate by day.
Billed as the Perfect Job by yours truly, I came to grips with several extenuating circumstances, mainly that hiking the same 8 mountains over and over while basically living as a hermit got old.
But, I had a blast! Met a ton of marvelous people. Wrote an AT Horror Story. Almost killed my
beloved Geo.
All is well.
The book will be released digitally and print on demand. There will be promotional days where the download is free.
I hope you will enjoy it, possibly learn some backpacking or survival tips and fall in love with the Appalachian Trail and its roving community as I did, again.

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  1. I can't wait for the new book. Maine sounds like a wild and cold place to be. Great picture of a moose. Hope all your encounters were peaceful with the wildlife!