Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Warning-Opening Email Constitutes Signature

I've posted before about my dispute over a fraudulent charge  concerning shipping my car from Alaska
I thought American Auto Transport would actually do something. No, the port is the place to go, directly. Wrightway at 101 Whitney, in Anchorage, is the company you want to deal with.

In spite of canceling American Auto Transport's services, the fact they sent me an email demanding a signature, and it opened on my computer, American Express said that verified my consent to the ridiculous charge of $200 for what a phone call. I never signed a thing!

As you may imagine, after an exhausting eight months trying to present my side of the case, the manager finally told me that on a certain date, the email opened on my computer, never mind the fact it may have even opened when I checked my spam. This, according to American Express' manger, constituted a signature.


Never never never open an email from any company, even if it doesn't have an attachment. 

Bottom line, I cut up my American Express credit card, canceled my 12 year relationship with them and will try to always shop local and use cash. They no longer protect me from fraud, I no longer use them.

Master Card, Visa, Discover....are you listening? I'm yours now.

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