Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Live Footage of Action on the Privy Front

Taken on location at Horns Pond, in the Bigelow Mountains on the Appalachian Trail, this video captures the complexity of composting human waste into organic material devoid of human pathogens. Its a stinky operation!

 We used a rototiller to mix the wet waste into dry wood chips. Ian, the Caretaker at this location, supervised and trained up in how incorporated the whole mess needed to be. Grace, Dan and I all thought it was acceptable before Ian did. He spent 6 days in the Whites training on this process. 

Many thanks to Maine Appalachian Trail Club for their Volunteer Program and passion. The Trail in Maine is amazing. My work in the 100 Mile Wilderness has shown me just how many clubs and organizations, besides the summer and long distance hiker, take advantage of this marvelous trail.

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