Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Off the Grid in Maine

If this internet connection was faster, I'd upload more photos of my nearest neighbor here in northern Maine. I'm off the grid, but after 12 days of no email (and potential business needs) I drove to North Woods, just 10 miles down the horrifying pitted road to link up.

Many thanks to all who are still following my blogs, waiting patiently for updates. I do have my car acting as a generator at present, powering this laptop.

Living in a propane only cabin, complete with bunks, stove and table, my view of Katahdin is outstanding. I fill my water bottles from a spring, and unlock the outhouse when needed.

My moose friend thinks its the best of all worlds. He was in no hurry to leave either, probably realizing I pose no threat to him or the frogs, huge rabbits, and hawks circling overhead. I'll make a short video of this character once I get a night in town, and faster streaming capabilities.

He snorted a couple times at me, daring me to come off that front porch. I didn't.

These last two weeks I've hiked and backpacked over 100 miles, part of the job. Loving it.
Will write more.

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