Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Update on River Survival Series

"Battles are raging throughout the territory. Boston even has a surprise attack which wipes out a most wanted General. And, it happened on the 4th of July!

Carla and Apache are involved in a couple of confrontations in their camps to "weed" out undesirables. Bretch and Apache go at it and the outcome will make you gasp. Finally, the small group is able to approach Fort Reserve. Are there any survivors left from their beloved Rivertown? And, just perhaps, Carla and Apache may have filled their thirst for the kill...

Highly recommended."

This is the first review I've received for book Five of the River Survival Series. 
Check out the links at the side bar,All About the River Survival Series under the Pages associated with this blog to see more about the entire series.

-The-River-Survival-Series is a post grid series that I am very passionate about. Its taken me several years to write it. 

Currently there are five volumes and bring you more than 1,200 pages of treachery, sex and violence. Not recommended for weak stomachs or children.

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