Saturday, April 5, 2014

Make Waterproof Fabric

Do it your-selvers have a great way of sharing useful information. I just watched an 11 minute film on how to use 1.1 ripstop nylon, silicone and 2 quarts of mineral spirits to make the incredibly expensive Silnylon so coveted by us ultralighters.

Cheap Way to Make Silnylon from Ripstop Nylon

To make sewing easier, construct the backpacking gear with the uncoated 1.1 ripstop fabric, then soak the gear in the emulsion of silicone dissolved in mineral spirits.

I hope to try this process soon, just to add to my own knowledge base. I still have some bona fide 100% first quality silnylon that I utilize for all my backpacking gear.

Lots of friends have told me to learn any given thing, they just google it on you tube and out there, some where, some one has done it before.

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