Monday, April 21, 2014

Choosing the Right Fuel

Sometimes the wrong fuel can make a huge mess. I saw this on the AT, but in desperation, bought some "gas line" carburetor cleaner fluid. While it did burn in the stove, it created so much soot on my entire cook set that in the end, a person has to weigh the value of hot food and coffee over the clean up involved.

 There are many fuels that can be used with the soda can stove, sometimes called the ultralight stove or pepsi can stove.
Among the things I've burned are:
denatured alcohol
 rubbing alcohol (minimum 70%)
Dollar store Heet

 solid fuels such as:
heximine tablets
esbit tablets
fuel sticks
home made fuel sticks-see video at my Youtube Channel


  1. Someone once told me that carburetor cleaner stuff is Jet Fuel, which is in turn a high grade of kerosene. That would explain the mess with all that oil... Don't do that again! :-)

  2. After watching the mess, I'm cured, for sure. Thanks for your comments, Woodenarrows :)