Monday, August 12, 2013

Warning-Medical Cost Rant

I'm not often shocked by rising costs of health care. I know with the "affordable" health care bill moving through the American system of implementation, every one with a hand in the pie wants their chunk. I mean, if you're going to set the standard for emergency resuscitation, you better get a price on it now, before any ceilings are set.

What should a normal childbirth cost? What should a "check up cost"? And, now that everyone is going to be walking around with some form of card that says we get to see a doctor now and again, what does a check up entail? We're finding out maybe guys don't NEED the prostate exam as often as we thought, or, maybe mammograms are over rated and over used...and maybe
NO ONE wants to pay for it...especially some random clients who were forced to buy health insurance anyways.

Sometimes a person doesn't have a choice, though. Its pretty obvious you need help. I read this article and shook my head. God help us all if our insurance ever lapses. Hospital Bill of 55k for snake bite treatment is outrageous. How can 18 hours and anti venom treatment for a healthy woman cost more than a pick up truck. I know, I know. There's the cost of diagnosis. The milking of snakes to get the venom (you mean this hasn't been automated yet?) Are you kidding me? We can send a man to the moon but we can't automate getting some of this fantastic miracle stuff. As Americans were pretty used to getting what we want. Maybe I should say, used to be that way. Some of us are downsizing. Keeping the same old car for years, wearing the same coat season after season.

But, How do you downsize emergency care?

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