Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walking is Good In Alaska

View of the Mountain while crossing the bridge near Girdwood. The walk is along a bike path and bordered by trees and beautiful flowering plants.

This is the Pond and water spouts to highlight it against a background of glaciered Mountains. I cook on the second floor.

 This flower pot is alongside the bike path. In full bloom, it nearly obscures the mosaic pot.

Most employees take the shuttle to Girdwood. Its a dollar each way. The walk is only half an hour. Seems really peaceful to me. They tell me the berries are ripe and black bears are possible. So far, I haven't seen any wild life.


  1. From Rev. Paul's posts I'd say a lot of the Alaskan wildlife is human...

    1. You're right, ProudHillbilly..although right now we're seeing a lot of civilized guests. Hotel is at 100% capacity. I'll be careful!

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