Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth Independence Day

Here in Centennial in the Snowy Mountain Range, population 270, the library is open and having a book sale. Lots of Mystery-Action, Fantasy and Politics, the older couple running this event have it well organized and friendly. No cell service in town, but Wifi is nearly as good.

Remember, beginning July 10 through the 14th, the second book, All Hell Won't Wait, will be free at The River Survival Series is a post grid collapse, or TEOTWAWKI thriller.

This series incorporates good old American know how and perseverance against a society that has lost everything they know. While civilization collapses, a few struggle in Rivertown to maintain law and order. This town believes in arming and training every citizen against raiders who frequent the Mississippi River corridor. What they didn't plan for was a large band of flesh eaters -cannibals arriving on their doorstep.
Although you don't have to read the first book before devouring this one, An End of Days is only $1.99 now and will lend insight into Carla's murderous darkness, why the Henderson's will take no prisoners and how the River Patrol met the escapees from Chicago.
Writing this series made me realize how important homesteading skills and the second amendment to the constitution, the right to bear arms, was.

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