Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Survival Skills from Our Ancestors

Remember, on June 14th until June 18th, you can get your free copy of my first novel, a thriller SHTF or TEOTWAWKI theme.

When the grid goes down and Military Law is declared, survivalists take on a no-holds bared approach. An End of Days- book one of the River Survival Series

In the meantime, I'm continuing summer adventures in southern Wyoming. Soon I'll be up at Mountainman Mike's Hold building and learning all the wilderness skills our forefathers had.

Native American culture has always fascinated me. I'm intrigued by their ability to live intimately with nature and their pursuit of spiritual strength and guidance  through the Vision Quest. For thousands of years, they roamed and thrived off the land in tribal glory. As a survivalist, I study and write about their skills as well as the French fur traders and subsequent westward homesteaders. Living without all the things we fear loosing, they raised families and left legacies. Some survivalists are living this way now. I  hope to learn all I can from them.

Tapping into this fascination of ancient spirituality, I imagine our heroes using mushrooms and marijuana along with home brew to brace themselves against the appalling desperation rampant in a lawless society. They seek pain relief while searching for answers, wisdom and strength to go on.

There are paranormal dreams and coincidences. For instance, a stray wolf dog adopts our heroine as she flees north, becoming her best friend. Read more to discover why she names him Jesus. If you're familiar with the Narnia series, you'll know myths and legends, parables and associations have subtle teachings.

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