Friday, April 5, 2013

A Beautiful Day in Paradise (Man Camp Update)

There's nothing so sweet after being snowed in for five months at Lake than seeing this baby coming down the road.
Now, technically speaking, people, men actually, have been coming and going as the crews get a chance to go home and recouperate after working seven days straight. Somehow, though, I've only been out 3 times (spending a total of 4 nights) off location. Part of the problem was the space was very limited and our drivers had guys that had to go home to families.
The snow removal process takes several rigs. As you can see, one guy blows a ton of snow into the back "40". Hopefully it will stay there and melt.

Then you got some serious trucks and heavily chained duded coming by with pusher overs...not sure the legal term of these rigs, but they move some serious stuff, creating mounds of snow balls and heavily crusted enbankments.

These guys churn up alot of snow pack with rotary blades grinding out massive white stuff. Love them. The road I skied the day before is now nearly cleared of snow. The sun does quick work melting this stuff. The air is pretty dry. I walked the road way today. Awesome job, guys, thanks.

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