Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Survival Head Quarters A Must!

Yesterday afternoon I was invited to join SurvivalHQ....a fantastic resource of knowledgeable people discussing survival skills, philosophy, and real life skills in a friendly forum format.
Check it out:

There are necessary steps for the sign up process. Be patient, its worth it.

As things tighten up in the real world, violence and scarcity threatening a civil society, those of us who want to protect ourselves and our families should be thinking about the skills and the tools necessary to do this.

Firearms, shelters, scavenging skills, connecting with honest like minded people, and the ability to stay below the radar are some of the things I'm working on.

Stay tuned to this blog, check out my sister blog, Brawnyview, and sign up for SurvivalHQ.

Instead of playing bubble games on facebook and requesting sheep for imaginary farms in online game applications, I'd rather be learning how to survive when, not if, the Shit hits the fan.

Ok, back to playing on my volcano, here in Yellowstone National Park.

This photo was taken on my 4 mile round trip ski across the thermal mapped Lake Yellowstone, where my friend and I reached Stevenson Island. There are hot spots under this fresh water lake, the largest lake in the world about 8,000 feet. This fact allows open water to be found  in the lake despite the fact most of the ice is 3 feet thick on average during extreme cold.

My layers have done well. Its March 12 and some mornings its still below zero. I back country ski most days.

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