Monday, March 4, 2013

Ski Adventure on Lake Yellowstone

March First my friend and I skied 2 miles to Stevenson Island. We checked out the Island, then skied back.

On the way, I saw a crease in the snow. I had my binoculars, scoped it and felt some concern over the water levels. You see, there are "hot spots" in Lake Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park sits on top a volcano. Steam comes up in various places in the park. The most famous is Old Faithful geyser.

I brought my day pack with me in case we had to overnight on the Island, stuck because of dangerous slush. I did hit one spot. I moved to the right and although the snow was wet, didnt' come across any more issues. We had rope with us in case we felt the need to rope together.

I also had fire starter, plastic bag, rain jacket, a light, some food.

I took alot of photos and footage, so did Barbie.

I think March 1 was pushing it for this trip, but we couldn't get out sooner.

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