Monday, March 25, 2013

Reader's Comments on Grid Down Series

I'm getting some mail from readers who are starting the River Survival Series. I have finished four books in this series, called, No Storm Like This. You can read more about his series on my page, All

Hi Carol,
I read 3 more chapters last nite and Carla just ran out out of gas and is on her own now after Dave's untimely death. You are really detailed in Carla's escape after she burned the retreat and I am really enjoying the book! I have not came to the graphic stuff yet but I imagine it is pretty close. i am exactly half way thru the book. Sign me up for the next 3 as well.. And don't be nervous about what I may think, it all needs to be put out there and make a book like this although fictional really close to what will probably happen.

Good morning Carol!
Your book 1 is mesmerizing me and i love it! I read 4 chapters yesterday and am about 70% thru it. Carla is now in Chicago and i love Jesus the wolf being her friend. Have not figured out Chris yet but i am sure that will come with a little more reading. Your detailed writing makes it seem as if i am there, very good!

All four books are available at or Barnes and Noble. See the  links to the right for easy access.

The first book details our survivialist-prepers on their homestead in the mountians of North East Georgia. I write about things I've actually done, building and harvesting a garden, making wine, cooking with acorns, baiting and observing black bear.

Please email me or comment here if you are also on book one, or are farther in the series.


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