Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Sling Observatons

Following the video posted below, I made my sling. A few notes...first, you start with a 9 foot cord, about 3/16 inch paracord is best. Anything thinner and you'll be weaving forever. Anything fatter and you'll have trouble feeding it through the weave, unless you just want a bigger basket.
So, cut and heat seal both ends of the cord so it doesn't fray. Then, measure up 30 inches, and make your loop. This cord was sort of slippery, so the little white clip you see in the photo was used to anchor both loops as I wove the basket. My fingers are small, and still it was challenging to get the weave started properly.
Don't worry, as you weave, you can scrunch the cordage down, making it a tight weave. At first its sort of open.
When you finish the basket, pull up the ends, be sure and knot it so it doesn't come loose. Then tie in your finger loop so that both ends of the cords are about the same. Once you start practicing, you'll put a rock in that sling, hold both ends, get good momentum, then let it fly.
I'll report on that next! Look out trees....

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