Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just Released-Book Four

I just finished and up loaded No Storm Like This-Book Four of the River Survival Series.
Available at Barnes and Noble for Nook readers,  and  at Amazon. com for Kindle readers,
Here. This book is much longer than the first three, 464 pages of warfare, sex and violence. Beware, its not suitable for young adults.
There are many long running battles between the Federal Government trying to retake control of the nation after 7 years post-grid collapse, and the Resistance, which uses ham radio to network among their people. We learn about the battles via suicide reporters stationed on top various buildings in communities under attack.


  1. So excited to download another in the your series! I have just finished reading a book and was looking for something good to read. Carol, I am so glad that you have time to work, write and explore. Yellowstone must be a very inspiring place to live!

  2. I think this is my best work so far, Flo, but it was hard to finish, you'll see why...but I feel it would be an accurate outcome. Thanks for your support!