Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Laptop-A Survivalist Guide to Connecting

I've met lots of folks along my journey who are just now finding out what a computer, more specifically, a laptop can mean for the minimalist.

I have Netflix now. For 7.95 a month, I can stream movies, comedies and documentaries. I can pause them, play a portion, back it up and see a favorite part again. I no longer have to carry DVDs around in my car, rent them, or put up with commercials on other free websites. They remember the types of things I like and offer suggestions, too.

I can call out from my gmail account, which is really good because you can talk for hours free and the save numbers in a history list, making redial simple. My Verizon cell phone doesn't work up here at Lake Yellowstone, but the WIFI has been boosted so that calling out doesn't cost a dime.

I have music on my hard drive, but I also use Pandora for listening pleasure. It has one commercial per hour or so, which is tolerable considering all the music available. I've heard artists I wasn't even aware of because they will add "similar" artists to your specified playlist.

I do online banking, can shop at various stores online, comparing prices, getting the best deals then have them ship whatever I order to this location. This saves gas and lots of agravation looking for something specific.

Of course there is e-mail for staying in touch with family and friends, sending them photos and videos, having a record of what you talked about.

You can apply for jobs online. Its amazing how many employers are going this route, rather than paper applications. Craigslist offers free ads for everything under the sun, including jobs. That's how I landed this great job at the Man Camp. I answered an online add on Craigslist, emailed my resume, then had a phone interview.

I love the researching capabilities for anything you can think of. Simply put what you're looking for, like "Snickerdoodle Recipe", "Free music" or "parts of a pistol" in the search engine and you'll have tons of information at your fingertips. It can take the place of dictionaries and libraries.

Speaking of books, you can download books at or Barnes and for next to nothing. There is a free application that allows you to access thousands of e-books. You don't have to own a kindle or nook to buy these books.

I use my word program all the time. Right now I'm working hard on book four in The River Survival Series. This is a perfect way to write and produce all sorts of written material. You can write it in one format, easily reformat it to print in a full size page, with smaller font or margins. I printed my new horor story for the boss by first reformating it to an 8 x 11 inch page. It saved about 80 sheets of paper by doing this rather than printing it from the original document.

I know some people have tablets and I-phones, but I prefer the wide screen on this Toshiba for viewing and work space. If you can only afford one techincal piece, consider the laptop.

My Laptop is used for entertainment, education, work, staying in touch, shopping, and banking. It offers so many possibilities if there is WIFI that its nearly essential.

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