Friday, December 28, 2012

Outfitted Igloo at Man Camp

On down time we cooks up here at Man Camp experiment with survival skills. Chef Bob built this igloo over the course of three days. In order to keep the ceiling/roof solid, he laid thick branches on the six foot walls, then piled snow on top. The snow is not of packable quality so he used a rectangular bucket to shape the blocks from surrounding snow.
Bob then experimented with various stoves, eventually making one of a number ten food can, using a second one to insulate it. The stove pipe here he found somewhere, capped it to prevent all the heat from rushing up the chimney.
As you can see in the video, he set the stove on a cinder block which has the double purpose of holding firewood. Not sure about that idea. I think I'd keep my wood near the wall.
Anyways, he'll be testing it by sleeping in it one night. I gave him a thermometer to take readings.


  1. That is a blue handled bowsaw....yeah, it did look like a handle at to be used to move it just as you would a dome tent! :)