Sunday, June 10, 2012

God or No God..IN the End You Find

A friend of mine posted this on facebook. He lives in Venezuela. I wondered about it's merit, and thought I'd ask you all--The blue is his thoughts, the red it the paper, the black are my thoughts.
Someone gave me a piece of paper, on it was written the following:
Everything you know is bullshit. Death isn\'t real. Life is just a dream. Enjoy yourself. Stop worrying. Stop being scared. Go after what you want, even if what you want seems beyond the realm of possibility.

Make it happen. You are god here on Earth, whoever you are. Even if you have to crawl out of the dirt
to make it happen, y...ou CAN make it happen. Never surrender to your own fear and never lose the energy you have inside.

There is no god, there is no ending, there is only just here and now.

Its common here in Venezuela to hand out brochures and leaflets as it probably is in most places, but it is very strange to find a person handing out fliers in English in Latin America outside of tourist resorts. I really wonder what this means for me to receive this piece of paper.
One of my all time favorite quotes is: In the end you find no one wins, and the race was only with yourself. So follow the path of your own chosing and be not dismayed if no one leads, or follows.
I found the first sentence in a trail register at a water cache on the Hat Creek Rim, in 2000. We'd been hiking for hours, finally coming to a cache with many jugs of water. The register was left by the provider of the water, and he requested, Just write something memorable. Don't say thanks, we already know you appreciate it.
The second part of that saying somehow came along. I don't know if someone sent it to me, I googled it, or maybe even wrote it. It fits though. Make time for life. Stop rushing around, setting impossible goals, pleasing others.
In the end we all meet whatever Maker there is, and I am inclined to believe there is a Greater Power.
I don't think the Maker will care how fast we ran the race, or how much we accumulated. I do think the Power will care how we treated each other.
Just me...the female survivalist.

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