Sunday, April 22, 2012

How I Met the Lord-80 Proof

I've been going through some things, among them excruciating back pain. It wasn't unmanageable until this black dude fell backwards onto me on a crowded dance floor.

I landed hard flat on my back. He landed right on top of me. It took this guy a little while to move, and I shoved him off. It was all down hill from there. One thing led to another and my doctor recommended a chiropractor. She had a free coupon for an assessment an one treatment. I've been taking muscle relaxants and pacing the floor in pain all night. The narcotics prescribed for pain were messing up my system so bad, nothing was working anymore.

Too Much Information.

Well, my sister believes in the natural remedies of whiskey. I'm not a teetotaler, but reluctant to take anything heavier than a rare light beer, maybe a tiny glass of wine.
Hell, I've tried everything else, so why not

Last night, three shots later, it taking me about an hour and a half to get that down, I manage to get myself upstairs, into bed and pass out quietly. I never slept so good in my life.

The name of the whiskey is The Lord!  I love it. Being a recovering pentecostal ex-wife, I am nearly an atheist, have a tendency towards alternate religions including multiple gods who love to mess with us on a regular basis.

So, after meeting The Lord, finally getting my days and nights back on track after 2 weeks of total reversal, I'd like to recommend this natural remedy as a serious alternative to the nasty drugs the pharmaceuticals are handing out.

I am on track for a full restoration of wilderness adventures!

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