Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nature of The Beast

One of my favorite quotes comes from Johnathan Van Goethe:

If I work incessantly to the last, nature owes me another form of existence when the present one collapses.

I don't know if Nature actually owes me anything, but it would be a waste of good learning Not to give me another chance at existence.

I hope to work this winter in Yellowstone, watching wolves in the snow, bison snorting out steamy breaths near Old Faithful, plowing through several feet of snow, looking for a few grasses. If I get to chose an animal for my reincarnation, I think the wolf would be fun. They live in packs, get to roam around a great deal, and look pretty awesome.

From the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves:

"In most cases it appears that it is best to go when you are called, when you have some semblance of being able to be nimble and resilient, than to hold back, resist, hold off, until the psychic forces come get you and drag you bloody and bruised through it all anyway. --"

I'm moving out west, and couldn't come up with anything to write about until today, sort of mulling over the big change, saying good bye to Georgia, looking forward to new adventures.

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