Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Arab Thing Is Disturbing

I know rebellions are messy. If you look at our own, back in 1776, Americans were gunned down in the square, British attempting to squash the quest for freedom. Other nations have been birthed in violence. The price, while great, is the price to be paid. No one's gonna hand it to you on a platter.

What's most disturbing is news that children are dying at the hands of snipers. Kids shouldn't be the target. I guess bible readers know that in the old testament, everyone, men, women and children were wiped out as the chosen people made their way to the promise land. God told them to.

Still disturbing. Kids are our innocents. Or, we like to think that. The dad who blew up his house, killing two young sons in Tacoma, Washington is seriously disturbing. Why kill them, even if you as a dad are suicidal, those beautiful boys that were loved by many family members? 

The Syrian government doesn't care about its people, just cares about power. We've watched this play out in other countries like Libya, Egypt during what the journalists are calling the Arab Spring.

We've seen police coming down hard on Occupy people. I'm not a pacifist, self-defense is a human right. So, it's disturbing that while the surface looks normal, serious financial inequality is undercutting us as a nation. Its a rape of the middle class, and self-defense is a normal reaction.

Are we safe here in America? The republicans are talking about our core values. I sometimes wonder if they are "core" at all. When the SHTF, will we be just another Arab thing? 
Time will soon tell.


  1. Freedom, no - their definition is different. It's tribalism - and when one tribe has the upper hand it will slaughter the other. So those in power slaughter first.

  2. Proudhillbilly, you don't think the younger generation is more open to reality?

    I figured with the Internet, and world wide exposure, this religious thing would flatline.
    One can only hope.