Sunday, January 22, 2012

Right At Your Door-Movie Review

This is a must see movie for any survivalist.

Heartrending shit, too.

I'm surfing through channels and see this 2006 suspense movie with Mary McCormack and Rory Cochrane: Lovers must remain apart after dirty boms explode in Los Angeles.

My only complaint is the IFC channel has started doing commercial breaks. See this movie without commercials if you can.

Nearly the whole thing takes place around the couples home. The man tries to get his wife, but is turned back by armed gas wearing cops, who shoot another trying to flee. He goes back home, listening to the radio. We recieve so much information on the crisis, genius way of making it so real without running us all over the city.
A maintanence man joins him, and they are instructed to tape up the house, seal everything. The phones, electric, water all still work.

I ask myself, do we have enough plastic and tape to do this should it come to that? He has alot, because eventually his wife, who escapes from the ground zero red zone, coughing and totally contaminated, gets some space inside their home, sectioned off and completely sealed from him.

Its both a love story and survival story. Not  a sugary thing, not a chick flick. They both realize he's not going to tear down the barriers so they can die together.
One thing leads to another and the feds and public service announcements try to control crowds, most of which are unarmed.

Without giving the very disturbing and totally realistic ending away, I'll say there's an unexpected twist that leaves you wanting an arsenol of home defense weapondry for escaping your own home.

The grid plays an important part of this scenario. Without the radio and phones, our story would go untold and people might chose to flee rather than wait for the help that is promised and comes in a very unexpected way.

The bottom line: people don't really matter, governments do.

This is a movie I plan to watch with my partner when he returns from his dive trip.

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