Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'd Rather Suck A Hospital Mop

This whole cruise ship fiasco near an island off the coast of Italy is scary, on so many levels.

At one time, my partner and I thought we should, just to say we did, book a cruise and check it out. I mean, rumors had it there was fantastic food, 24-7 intertainment, fresh air, sights of a life time.

Then we had that fiasco near the Baja and watched the news, hoping the poor people stuck on a crippled cruise ship being fed Spam without power or toilets would make it another day.

Interviews with the survivors of this current crisis tell about every man for himself, not enough life jackets, and a "its just the generator" warning when the ship struck the rocks and began taking on fatal water.
What is up with this customer service?

After a little research and YouTube-ing, my partner and I put our cruise on hold. One guy said he'd rather suck a hospital mop than go through another cruise.

I took notice. I've worked in a hospital.


  1. Suck a hospital mop?, now that's a disturbing image.

  2. Those cruise ships are so over the top. Anything that leaves dry land, flight included, and holds 500 or more people is flirting with disaster. Nothing is really said or done about safety until something happens. It has just never seemed quite right to me, the big money making, large capacity crafts.

  3. I know folks that love them, but I'm picky about socializing and being stuck on a ship with no way to get away from people just doesn't appeal. I'd rather go to the beach.

  4. LOL, yeah, that's what I thought, Duke. Pretty raw.