Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life, Liberty and the Right to Self Defense

I'm watching the British series Survivors, a two year, 6 episode production about the EOTWAWKI mega virus thing.
Pharmaceuticals get a good well deserved bashing, but the thing I'm struck with is the one firearm one of the "good people" has is constantly under issue, the women folk and even the black dude, Greg being angry that the guy used it to off an enemy.

In America, every last one of them would be cheering him on, asking how can the get a rifle, pistol, hell, even a BB gun.

I read our local free paper, and here's an quarter page ad:

Turkey Shoot.
Win your Christmas Turkey
10: am Saturday, Dec 3
Black Mountain Baptist Church

Family Event
Kids Shoot, 14 and under, and Adult Shoots
Chance to Win Turkeys and Prizes
Lunch Available

then two numbers of guys with first names are listed if a person wants to call for more information

Yeah, Guns for regular normal citizens! And, its obvious the kids like it too, and get a chance for their own competition.

Self Defense is Normal Stuff!

Located at Coon Hunter's Club.


  1. Yeah... I have no use for anyone, including family, that has an objection to using a gun when times get tough.

  2. Honest to god, I have several men vowing to help me become comfortable using them, I'm acutally considering buying a BB gun just to practice.

    Sometimes women, and liberal raised families, overlook this estential part of self defense.