Monday, November 14, 2011

Why the Republicans Debate Adnauseum

I figured it out! By god, I did.

The vast array of republican candidates holding enumerable public debates are just choosing the first string for the upcoming battles with Obama.

A person must admit, regardless of your politics, that Obama is a gifted speaker, able to come up with catchy phrases, move people, raise millions of dollars utilizing social media.

He has put New Organizing Techniques on the map, written the manual for no drama.

So, all these republicans are using each other, running the gamut (is that spelled right) and taking the hits now while its just a preseason game.

We can chuckle at Rick Perry, or groan at Ron Paul, watch Michelle whats her name smile and come up with interesting takes, and enjoy the show. Cain's little misfortunes can be analyzed and dealt with, Mick Romney can get his stories straight. Sort of like the kids fighting in the back yard, no one really wants to hurt the family.

Come 2012, when things heat up, the preseason debaters will be honed to perfection, the skeletons will have been found, kicking and screaming hauled out of the closets.

Yeah, finally got this figured out. And, its cheaper than hiring a cast or paying a writer to produce a reality show.
go get em, repubs!


  1. I think Obama is a gifted READER, when he starts speaking on his own he messes up, he is clearly clueless on so many things. He is someones puppet, I just haven't figured out who's yet.

  2. Duke -- it's George Soros on one hand and the big union bosses on the other hand.

  3. The biggest mistake republicans could make is to dismiss Obama's intelligence and his get er done savvy.

    Don't go handing us some crappy candidate and expect it to work. When McCain chose Palin, he signed his concession papers.