Saturday, November 26, 2011

Survive Hunting Season!

We get a lot of hunters through these woods and walking the trails daily I'm prepared.
My orange rain jacket, red hat, orange Possibles bag, all tell others in the woods I'm not game.

I continue to bring my bear spray (pepper spray) because they are on the move. Some bears have gotten pretty big, and there are also quite a few cubs.

I ties orange and red streamers onto my hiking poles. They are in constant motion so that is another safety feature.
All the hollers and ridges make sighting a little tricky. I want to give every hunter a chance to see me well ahead of time.


  1. Be careful! I heard a woman wearing white gloves in her back yard got shot by a hunter recently. I did not realize the bears were out with cubs this time of year.

  2. I will be careful, Flo. Even gathering wood within feet of my studio, I still wear bright colors. Hard to get used to the fact I could get shot by accident picking up a stick!

    The bears stay active most of the year because its just not that cold yet, not until January and February.