Friday, November 4, 2011

Certificate Renewal Is Painful

I can't believe the rates on savings and certificate of deposits.

And things aren't looking any better for a long time to come. Those of us who elected to rent or share expenses living with someone instead of buying a house, thereby saving a little for the future are being punished by the housing crisis with insanely low rates.

Of course I know I'm losing money because of inflation, but where would a gal park it? Stocks or bonds?
The fluctuation is scary, too high risk for a woman like me.

Real estate? I'm told a person can get a hellva deal right now. But wait, that's what I want to avoid. Owning means dealing with things that break, roofs that leak, insurances against flood, flame and famine. Well, flood, and flame.

Ok, then, does a person invest in overseas shit. I think not. When they go under, who's gonna guarantee the investment.?

No, I'm not gonna go buy a couple sticks of gold, for one reason, I think its the next bubble to burst.

The best investment is actual food. The price is going up way faster than anything else, and a person will always need it. Just rotate it, and don't let it spoil. That would be money down the toilet.

So, I guess I'll stick with my home town bank, the FDIC insured stuff, and hope to see better days.


  1. don't ya know that in the end....stored food ends up in the toilet anyway????

  2. I like putting money into silver, if you do it a little at a time you can dollar cost average. I think if we have a collapse silver at best will go through the roof at worst it wont be as worthless as US currency, JMHO but I'm not an expert, don't even play one on TV.

  3. LOL, Duke! I heard it said, Anyone who claims to know whats happening is just making it up.

    A guy once sent me two silver coins in payment for a book. I cashed them out 4 years ago, and got double the face value. Wished I'd kept them now, well sorta. I think silver is the way to go.

  4. Well, Warlock, that is true.

    If we're lucky!

    I'm building an outhouse for when there's no toilet, meaning, no electricity to power the Flushing thingy.

    I'm into the apocylipic series and movies now, amazingly everyone's toilet doesnt run out of water. When the power goes out, and the shower quits delivering, so would the tank on the back of the water closet.

    Yeah, disgusting!

  5. eh... don't buy when everyone's buying. right now they manipulate the silver market the same way they manipulated all the other markets (housing, land, oil, wheat, rice, silver - all recently had a boom & a bust).

    personally, my favorite investments are:

    real-world education (human psychology/mkt research, science, global politics, business etc)
    hand tools
    multifuel stove
    rain barrel
    personal health & fitness esp teeth & eyes
    fruit trees & potatoes (no-work farming)
    and SKILLS SKILLS SKILLS always "appreciate"

  6. I agree with you, izzit, you can't over estimate the value of skills. Now, while we have the tools and time, we can practice and "play". It will be too late to play when the SHTF