Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pain Management In Survival

Pain is a very subjective thing. Pain thresholds vary, with some folks being sensitive to the littlest thing, and others refusing medication unless its truly serious. Pain is depressing and changes a person, long term.

Its occurred to me that when or if the SHTF, ibuprofen, Tylenol, and aspirin are going to be pretty good commodities to have in stock. Each over the counter pain relief has its warnings, too much Tylenol can wreck your liver very quickly. Too much ibuprofen can eat out your stomach. Too much aspirin can thin your blood making even a small cut bleed profusely.  I like to keep all three on hand, and alternate which one is used, taking as little as possible to minimize risk.

Of course, the old fashioned remedy of alcoholic beverages, which you could brew at home, would help too.
I'm thinking most trade will be done at the end of a gun barrel, so having your own stash neatly stored in a cool dry place will be important. Keeping a low profile will be important so I won't have to defend it.
I have a girlfriend whose father committed suicide when his pain became overwhelming. I can see that. If a person had no hope of feeling better, and the pain became the sum of their existence, suicide could be tempting.

In the meantime, building up my immune system with plenty of rest, reducing stress, lots of sunshine and good food is part of a long term survival plan.

One blog offered the question: what is the biggest threat to your survival? There were hundreds of answers, all well written and thought provoking. The one I remember most is "Old Age".  I like that.

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