Sunday, October 16, 2011

The 999 Plan is a Sham

Has anyone yet put two and two together?

Or is it just me who sees a crazy contridiction in this candidates plan.

Somehow, with our economy being 70% consumer driven, installing a 9% federal sales tax is supposed to help?

I know what I'd do, quit buying stuff in the stores. Maybe we'd do some trading, garage sales, share and swap, but that 9% is not going to make my consumer confidence rise anytime soon.

Does this apply to Internet sales as well, which at this time are increasing as consumers elect to forgo their own state sales tax?

I see a huge cluster f...k coming with this candidate. But, the harder he pushes this nonsense, the sooner he'll be history and the Republicans will find someone serious.

Many of us who struggle now do not pay 9% income tax, we actually get refunds. Tell me the rich are going to contribute more by the 999 plan. I don't see it.

How strange Michelle Bauchman told us to turn the number upside down, the dreaded 666 is scaring her off.

Can we dispense with religion and get some common sense?


  1. I don't know if it is a good plan or not but the way I understand it is it would replace the existing income tax system. Personally I think company's should not pay tax because they just raise prices to cover it and pass it on to us) when that prices them out of the market they move to another country. I firmly believe if we abolished Corp. tax there would be so many company's move here we would be begging people to work here. JMHO

  2. Thats a thought, Duke. No taxes so corporations move here and make jobs.

    Right now the current tax system is overloaded with loopholes and so complicated. A nice simple formula would be great. If it was 9% income tax, the unemployed wouldnt pay that, I guess, either.

    Interesting ideas.