Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Using Charcoal and Sand as a Water Filters

After publishing my Hobo Water Filter system video to YouTube, a guy suggested using Charcoal and sand as well, or in place of chlorine. I like to go as natural as possible, so did a google research on this. The best link I found was:

Indeed, charcoal is very effective in purification. However, it did say chemicals are sometimes needed against viruses. The article recommended rain water as one of the purest sources of water.

If I intended much of this run off to be drinkable, I would definitely totally disinfect the buckets and add a screen to the top to prevent anything from falling in. One morning I found a dead mouse which had probably fallen in and drowned.

All these systems and knowledge is great to learn now while we still have Internet and resources. I use this information too in my new books.

At first, I thought, how do I get charcoal. In a campfire! Easy as that. Of course, if you are on the move, like a long distance backpacking trip, using a tiny bottle of chlorine is perfect.

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  1. That's one issue I don't worry much about because I'm not bugging out, come hell or dirty water. As long as I stay at my place, I'm good for fresh water.

    If a fire runs me out, I guess I will just croak before the cannibals get me.