Thursday, September 15, 2011

High Time We Embrace the Tool that Keeps Men Free

Found a link to this video channel at You Tube and the lyrics are pretty interesting. Warning, its definitely controversial for some folks, but it advocates guns as the tool that keeps men free.

I've wondered if we had left Iraq alone, maybe they would be in the midst of their own civil war right now, outting their dictator just like Lybia and Eygpt did, building their democracy like we did in 1776. If we had ( 20 20 hindsight in action, folks) focussed on going after bin Laden, instead of outsourceing and asking Pakistan to do it, maybe our country would be in better shape.

People want to be free. More guns, anyone?

I'm basically a live and let live kind of person, who totally believes in self-defense. If you don't believe in self-defense, who do you think should defend you? Are you worth defending? I speak to adults, our children are part of us. Defending them is the same as defending ourselves.

Just saying. Hope you enjoy the video.