Monday, September 5, 2011

Gonna Be a Rough Year

The deluge has arrived and Tropical Thing Lee (never understood difference between a Depression and Storm) is pouring its heart out. Unfortunately, looks like the season's crop of acorns are going to be pitiful.

Last fall I did a whole study on acorns: different varieties, different methods of removing the tannins, cooking a variety of dishes and putting it all on

which is my channel. Last years crop was significantly larger, hence, easier to process .

Last year's bountiful crop increased the wildlife around here. There are tons of squirrels, deer, hogs, bears, turkey and their offspring. Its gonna be a rough year for them.

I read this article about wild hogs up in New York State. Of course we all know about the hog situation in Texas, so bad they are allowing hunting via helicopter. Go For It, by god. We gotta do something.

Now, there's an idea for the food bank. Lets have a huge hog hunt and put on a massive Bar-be-Que. It can be done like a Pot Luck. Bring a hog, a Six Pack, or a bag of chips. Whatever you can.


  1. There are plenty of wild hogs in North Georgia. We see them by the roads often, and they will come right in and trash your garden if you have one.

  2. Wild hogs are a big and very bad problem.

    Nut crop up this way also seems weak this year. Mushroom crop as well is wonky (only found hen-of-the-woods and 1 tiny puffball.) It is going to be tough this winter for the wildlife. Even honey locust pods are rather sparse.


  3. And there sure is alot of wildlife because of last years bounty! Well, hunters should be happy, like you said, BACON! :)

    We're putting in a store of disposable plastic gloves cause hogs are known for parasites.