Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Free Sample Ho-Sex and the City Review

This post is definitely female logic, so guys, sorry for any quantum leaps. I've been thinking a lot about the comments over at a friends blog where someone mentioned, "rampant feminism". That's food for thought.

So, the other day in Walmart a lady was giving out all kinds of Brach's candy samples. The chocolates, the jelly beans, the orange slices all brand name deliciousness.  I could never do that job because all the samples would end up in my tummy.

Well, she also had coupons for the delectables, and I being weak for jelly beans actually bought a bag.

But this post is about the free samples. If a person is always giving out free samples with no strings attached, why would you spend any money buying them?  If she'd said, come back and I'll give you a free bag of candy, I wouldn't have bought any.

Now, Sex and the City is just a story of a bunch of Free Sample Ho's, in my honest opinion. Always giving it up free, putting it out there to the UPS guy, the shoe salesman, the lawyer. I don't get it. Used to be we'd worry about should I let him kiss me on the first date. Used to be we'd worry about losing his respect, or if he'd bother with a second date, or let us meet his mom.
Used to be we'd want a ring before we gave out on a regular basis.  I know, things have changed.

Free Sample Ho. Free Sample Bitch.

Is that Rampant Feminism? I'm thinking these type of HBO series are bad for our society. It makes women into cheap thrills, users, players, without commitment or classiness.

Of course, we have the Ho that sells it or trades it for a promotion. We call them whores.
Women can use their bodies to win fights and gain protection. Guys don't think that's fair.

My friend always says if you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.


  1. Well, I don't think many women are really like that. They sure weren't in my younger days, you had to work for it back then. And that was before AIDS which I would think would have a negative impact on casual relationships.
    Besides, in my time, you "ran around" with one kind of girl and you married another. Rarely did the two meet. I raised hell all over the planet, especially in the Philippines and Japan, until I met my wife. Then all that stopped, right then. I even quit going to the officer club for Happy Hour, and I gave the bar at my "villa" away when she moved in because she didn't like drinking. Have relationships between men and women changed so much, Brawny? I wouldn't know, because I've been with my wife so long I'm completely out of the loop on modern life.

  2. I think it has, Arsenius. I worked at several National Parks and the students are sleeping around, lots of gays and lesbians. No one is a virgin anymore. Kids don't even consider oral stuff "sex". Its pretty sad, really. Affairs aren't even that unheard of, and I'm appauled at the people who don't care if their new romance is married or not.

  3. Maybe that's how cultures decline. Sexual promiscuity, lack of committment to family, and depravity are all common trends of the latter days of great civilizations. If all these negative trends run together, it's hard to see how anything can endure. Personally, I feel sorry for people who can't find the right mate. Everybody needs someone they can trust, who matters to them, to get through life.

  4. How right you are, Arsenius. I have girlfriends who long for a soul mate and would gladly give up the freedom to sleep around.

    Its not sex but understanding they crave.

    The men that scare them off are too possesive and demanding. It is a different world than what we grew up in.

    I type this and know there's always another side to it. No answers here, I fear.

  5. .... and shows such as Sex in the City are created by men. Don't they (the majority of them) wish we women really were like those in the show? Har!
    Then, we have the unenlightened and worse yet, young kids watching, are thinking the world is really like that and they should be like that, too.
    The media plays such a huge role in portraying what is acceptable or not. It's almost impossible to avoid it. Also, they sexualize young girls far too young with clothing, etc. I wouldn't want the pressures that young people have these days!

  6. It's insane out there right now. That's just my opinion.. but the "average" age of kids having sex is now the early teens. That's just flat out messed up.
    I'm probably wrong.. but when the "single teen mom" no longer had a stigma attached to it.. it seems many girls didn't quite "fear" getting pregnant enough to enforce precautions. Then you get the ones in those young years that think they can "hold on" to someone by having their child.
    Obligation as well.. seems to be an obsolete concept, although that can be genetically verified and then as well.. forced support.
    Growing up... I can't say I ever knew of a "family" where the siblings had an assortment of fathers. (I'm talking about 3+ different fathers.)
    Some actual form of thought before procreating should be mandatory. In order to be "PC" we seem to have removed any roadblocks that made one think before acting.

  7. This assortment of fathers, Anne, is disturbing. That's a great way to say a lot in just a few words.
    I think its all about exposure, being exposed to gay guys getting it on, violence and dishonesty, until society just gets used to it.

    every demoghraphic is different,too

  8. I hadn't thought about that, JJ, that men write these shows. I watched two movies lately where the couple just makes out, and they didn't even know each other. How off base is this?

  9. Just by nature, guys are really heavy in the sexual drive department. As someone said once "they're sluts". It does follow in most of nature. (I think that's why gay guys are sooo out there sexually-think, man x 2!). The female species are the ones who either stop the "advance", or take our sweet time deciding if the male is worthy. Think about birds mating. The evolved, thinking human is not following the laws of nature because for so many, caution is thrown to the wind. Women need to be the ones to turn this trend around. Men won't do it. It benefits them too much! Oh, yeah, they OWN most of the media.

  10. JJ, smart post. I like it!

    We get labeled as Prudes if we're selective, sluts if we're not.

    Its a male world, so true, with females making headways slowly but surely. Its esential we don't give up any of our autonomy just to make him feel safe.

    Wished we could just treat each other like people without any racial, age or gender bias, but I doubt that will ever happen in the real world.