Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Solutions with Free Pasta

Today was my town day, and I had blogged so much about a gallon of corn (10 # can) that I just had to buy one. For a rainy day, and plus, I want the can for a stove prototype I'm working on.

So, anyways, I have to visit the town thrift stores, just can't help myself. Today I found a king size sheet, in brand new condition, that will serve as the perfect backing for my matching quilt for the Master's bedroom.

While I was there I saw they were still giving away the whole wheat pasta. For the last three weeks they've been giving it away. I take two, with many thanks. Today, I finally found out the problem. When a customer asks the volunteer clerk what to do with the stuff, how on earth do you use it, she suggested a cold pasta salad. I learned the reason for this. The recipe is on the flip side of the bag.

I couldn't contain myself. Having cooked with whole wheat pasta, I found myself directing the sweet little lady to be sure and cook it in boiling water. Make sure its done all the way. It will take a little longer than white pasta. Then, when its fully cooked, drain and toss with some hot olive oil in a skillet. Top with spaghetti sauce, heat well. You can add grated cheese if you like. Serve with Parmesan cheese, and a side of green salad.

I didn't mention that a person could saute sliced mushrooms or onions in the oil too, or add some parsley to dress up this simple hot dish. I was just keeping it basic.

She was amazed, stunned that you could serve these noodles like spaghetti. She thanked me and said, "No one cooks with whole wheat in R---County".

I've appreciated the free pasta, and hope none of it goes to waste in any one's kitchen.

Bon Apetite'.


  1. I buy number ten cans of corned beef hash, refried beans, sweet peas, corn and the like. I find them at the grocery stores on sale. Once I open them, I have to eat a lot of peas or whatever in a relatively short time but there's always different ways to serve things up.
    I'm not a big pasta eater, but I guess I ought to cultivate a taste for it. It lasts a long time.

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