Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wine Making Project

I've got some wine brewing. My process is so simple a child could handle it. I buy one bottle of juice from Walmart, like Apple Juice. Using a clean, empty bottle, I split the juice between them and add a quarter teaspoon of baking yeast to each one. I swish it around to mix it. You can see in this photo that I also added raisins, about half a cup, to each bottle. This gives it flavor and extra sugar to ferment. I then place a balloon over the openings. They will inflate as the yeast ferments.

In this photo you can see one jug is nearly finished fermenting because the balloon is starting to deflate. At this point, a person can decide to add a bit of sugar, cap it and store it in the frig. It will continue to work a little more. Strain it for clarity before serving.
Or, like me, a person can add more juice, and if they really want some extra fermentation, a few tablespoons of sugar. I chose brown sugar because it will have more flavor.

I then replaced the balloon, and its back fermenting again. Be very careful if you plan to re-charge the wine by adding more sugar and juice. If you tear the balloon, you'll need a new one.
Some people don't use balloons to cover the wine while its working. I like to do it because it keeps all critters out of it and its fun to watch the balloon grow and shrink.

The stuff smelled fabulous, by the way.


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  2. Now that's a skill that could come in handy. You could run your own winery for trading. I hope you aren't still having trouble with posting on my blog, Brawny. Don't know why it wouldn't let you but blogger stinks. It's free, though.

  3. Thanks, Arsenius, I finally figured out this posting thing, can't check the little box that says "keep me signed in" . I sign in every day, and it works.
    Today I found a good store, and I'm thinking we must nearly be neighbors, reading your posts, I wonder if we don't stock up at this place I found today?

  4. I think we are pretty close to co-located. The store I write about is in Murphy, N.C.

  5. I just found a "Save Alot" food store in Wallahalla. Most of the items were cheaper than the Walmart I go to.
    Wallahall is in SC. The downtown is dying, and I hadn't been there in a couple years, so had to check it out. This new food store is a year old next month, and down the highway a bit.