Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reality is A Bitch

It doesn't take long to see the truth of the matter.
The rich, and I mean seriously rich, are getting richer and the rest of us poorer.

Not just in actual cash, bank accounts, housing, material goods, but also in self esteem, employment value, in disposable anything.

I read several articles today about the economy. I know, I shoulda known better. Its dam depressing.

Only 18,000 jobs created in June, while unemployment rose to 9.2%. We all know that number is crap. Unemployment, under employment, and down right underpaid employment is way higher. The reality of the situation is there are not enough jobs to go around.

Now, some people figure if all the undocumented workers were sent home, we'd have plenty of jobs, or at least a start.
That might work for the truly desperate who are not collecting nearly enough unemployment funds to make it.
Construction, field labor, and seasonal resort jobs come to mind.
 Unless we pile in several wage earners per household, you can't make it on those meager wages anyhow.Not sure that would answer it.

Its obvious our country is in serious trouble. Our debt ceiling is being debated. Some think if we tax these rick folks they won't create the jobs we need.
Doesn't look like they are, anyways. So what the hell, tax them.
One article I read told of open jobs just being sat on, the hiring managers are in no hurry. With 300 applicants and a dismal "recovery" underway, why rush?

I remember growing up there were jobs created for poor teenagers. These job corps were sponsored by the federal government and achieved everything from landscaping to day care workers to taking voter polls.

But I don't know what the answers are.
 I do know there are some really smart people who thought up this housing bubble stuff, allowing people to get homes they couldn't afford, then creating the derivatives to bet against all the mortgages that were bundled and sold as A rated bonds for people's retirment profiles.
They won, we lost.
Make them fix it. Tax the bastards.
With funds from the very wealthy going into the economy, the rest of us can recover and they'll get their money back, and more.

What will happen if the debt isn't paid, jobs aren't created, and people don't have their simple needs met?
We The People, By the People, will start acting like The People and do it For the People, namely ourselves.

History has shown economics drive rebellions.
Not religion, not morality, not global warming.

So I don't know a soul who is believing the Recession is over, that the economy is recovering, that any thing good is around the corner.
I'd like to.


  1. I think what we are seeing now is the equivalent of the water drawing back at the beach when a tsunami is coming.

    Neither party cares about the middle class because the "elites" who comprise the power structure aren't middle class. They can prate about "making sacrifices" because they don't make any.

    I think the whole structure of our society is now so rotten and dysfunctional that it can't be saved. Maybe that is a good thing, in the long run.