Friday, July 29, 2011

A Great Blog-New Resource

In my Web Travels I came across this link and found the blog to have a lot of good stuff. I expect to spend the next day just getting a taste of it! Of course, it will go in my  favorites, for future enjoyment and education.

As we wait for our government to do its job, quit jerking us around,  just raise the debt ceiling cause it has to be done,(even if just a few billion dollars) it's important to enjoy life.

I was reading a treatsie
last night about the unemployed getting used to not having a boss. Even self employment emplies a boss, oneself. It further stated that having a boss sucked. I'm with you there.
The article was about Post Materialism. I found that word intriguing so went right on over to Wikipedia to see what it was.

A bunch of jargon later and I'm left with this simple idea: a life philosophy where Being is more important that Having. Its about being self determined and actuated.

I think Minimalism is a good synonym for Post Materialism. Those of us into minimalism don't plan on changing anytime soon. They say our national economy is about 60% consumer spending. Heads up: if you economists are waiting for us minimalists to step up to the plate and buy stuff, forget it now.

OK, so this article also dealt with the idea of the Threshold Earner: a person who had a specific economic bracket they wanted to fit into. They are content earning that amount. Once that amount is earned, they use their time to enjoy life with the idea that more "down time" or unemployed time was a good thing. A guy asked Thoreau's what on earth should he do with all his spare time during retirement?  Our hero, Henry David advised, " well, then just keep working until you can afford your free papers."

I admit to having an unnaturally strong work ethic. I'm trying to funnel that into creative endeavors, all of which do not have to produce tangible goods. 

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  1. My youngest brother is one of those who see possessions as a disadvantage. He has his boat, his little house on the beach, and he's satisfied with that. I have worked for other people, and had my own business, and I'd have to say that neither has much to recommend it. Reaching a point where you can get by on a regular income is the best you can hope for, if that income is in the form of social security, or a pension, or your investments. Anything to free you from wage slavery.