Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Warning! Controversial Insensitive Post

According to the June 2011 AARP Bulletin, 220,000 bariatric surgeries were performed in the United States last year.

The article is well written and gives the advantages of this drastic method for weight control.

So far, over one million surgeries have been done. The definitions for obesity and the loosening of guidelines have made this option for weight reduction more obtainable.

I find this very disturbing. In a world where people are starving to death it seems obscene that we must resort to actual surgery to keep from Eating Our self to Death.
And that's what the article details as well, how very detrimental all this excess weight is. We won't even talk about the pain and emotional trauma a 40 BMI (body mass index) creates. I did some research before coming up with my solution at this Gastric Bypass Website, a consumer based website, for those needing some facts.

My solution is creative if not extreme.
Considering that surgery alone costs anywhere from $17,000 to $30,000 and involves learning a new eating style anyways, I say we institute a program whereby people needing this surgery can participate in the
Food For Everyone Program.
As volunteers, these candidates fly to a third world country and live with impoverished and malnourished children for six months. The money they would have spent on surgery is used to fund these six months of Food Rehabilitation. During this time they buy food, cook and teach children whatever skills they have to share. All the food for their host children is paid for out of the money that would have been spent on surgery.
After six months, I sincerely believe the volunteers, or candidates, will have lost at least 50 pounds, will have built muscle mass, and will have achieved a greater appreciation for their total beings.
They will address the food addiction, suffer withdrawal, find new friends and a cause: Solving World Hunger, one meal at a time.

It won't be easy. There would not be spas or hot tubs. No massages or iced beverages while watching American Idol.
It would be an experience of a lifetime. They would reclaim their bodies, minds and souls. They would be giving to those Way Less Fortunate.
Wouldn't we all profit from a world much less self centered, a world where we don't destroy ourselves by eating our self to death?

Now, I know there are those who say they don't even eat that much, they simply can't loose weight. Somehow a diet never works for them.
Please, do us all a favor and donate your self to science so the world can learn how bodies create calories from nothing and can subsist on little food. The study of real people defying physics would be very valuable information.
This would aid the whole planet in finding solutions to the energy crisis. As more crops get turned into bio fuel, food becoming more expensive and scarce, the ability to remain fat on little quantities of food will be important survival knowledge.

And that's my controversial post. It is insensitive. Sorry.


  1. It's a nice idea but no one would do it. I've lived in the third world and it "sucked" beyond belief. I wasn't alone, either. There's just something wrong when people stuff and stuff and turn into blimps. I constantly have to battle my weight, but win or lose , on my head be it.

  2. You're right, Arsenius, no one would because its just too hard for us soft Americans. I battle my weight too, and cook for a living so see the decadence we are surrounded with.

  3. Or, hire someone to shop for you!