Monday, April 4, 2011

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me-Movie Review

This 2003 German film has English subtitles.
Since we subscribed to Netflicks, I've been venturing into movies I wouldn't necessarily rent.
Most of the time, a person wants to just lay back and enjoy, not read, throughout the movie.

But this one is well worth it. Besides, how often do you get the other side of the story?
A German soldier promises his little girl he'll be home by Christmas. Unfortuantely, or from the allied point of view, fortunately, he is captured, and sentenced to work camp in Siberia.
World War II was a horendous event for all, and of course its natural to blame the instigators of all this bloodshed and distruction.

For three years, our central figure, Clemens Forell, works in barbaric conditions so brutal he tries to escape. His first attempt is foiled, and his comrades were forced to beat him as punishment. The doctor comes to his rescue, makes them quit, and gives him all his stashed escape treasure trove because the doctor found out he had terminal cancer and can not make it.

Of course, all this planning is done hidden from the Soviet guards.
Finally, Clemens escapes, completing over 8,000 miles to complete the journey from a place so devoid of anything, so remote there never were any fences.

Watch if you get a chance, check out all the special survival techniques, the cut throats he meets along the way, the loving natives who help him, and the relentless pursuit of his guards.

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