Friday, March 11, 2011

The Stoning of Soraya-Movie Review

I watched The Stoning of Soraya with some apprehension, knowing it would be disturbing and provocative. It's challenging to remain objective while watching tribal brutalism and suspicion in the name of religion. Any religion.

And of course, the violence aimed at women and intimidation of any man who would assist a wrongfully accused person doesn't help. The aftermath of the 2008 movie, based on the true story and book written by traveling journalist in 1986 Iran, leaves one angry, sad and appalled that such things still happen in our "modern world".

The film runs 1 hour 54 minutes and is worth watching. It will be one of those classics that rank right along with Amistad and Gettysburg. Not everyone likes a taste of history. Our barbaric human natures are tough stuff to admit.

The story is told by the aunt of a man who tires of his present wife, has picked out a new young virgin. Unable to support two wives,he demands a divorce. Even though abused, she declines. With four children this devout woman has no desire to raise her children alone in poverty.
The crafty husband finds another way, accusations of adultery which lead to her stoning.
But, I haven't told the whole story and will leave the details a mystery.

Cultural literacy is a journey worth taking.

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