Saturday, March 5, 2011

Men's Journal Magazine Review

I may have mentioned before, but there's this thrift store in town that gives away magazines. Early on they realized people will not pay a quarter for a magazine that is 4 years old.

But, rather than just throw them in the landfill garbage connection, they put all the magazines, willy nilly, on a shelf. Its on a help yourself basis.

The Frugal in me loves this concept dearly.

I choose about 5 magazines, bring them home, read and recycle them. The paper is bought by a local animal company, who shreds it and uses it for bedding.

This last group included a large glossy edition of Men's Journal.
I like men's magazines. Helps me know what the other half of the species is up to.
There was an article on 60 adventures, and true stories of crazy happenings. One
guy wrote about finding a brick of cocaine on the beach. He shared the moral and economic delima with the readership. Bottom line, he put it in his room, his wife spilled the beans to fellow tourists, the hotel manager resuced his butt.

Another guy wrote about his desert hike with a girl, chosing a day hike not meant for "trail pussies". His bottom line, near death experience from lack of water. Still, he achieved his goal. No pussy here.

I took the "What kind of Adventurer Are you?" self test. A series of questions, multiple choices of what to do, who did what to whom, and are these Star Wars characters or Extreme Sports moves.
I ended up in the next to highest category with the points that correlated to " You probably have gorp in your pocket right now, don't you?".

I guess that makes me a winner?

Anyways, the online link to this magazine is

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