Monday, March 28, 2011

First Circumnavigation With Human Muscle Power

I'm impressed. Not often do you find a person so committed to their adventure that they will press on, despite broken legs-recovery, family emergencies, and loss of partnerships. But, Jason Lewis, whom I read about first in a tiny photo and clip in a men's magazine, has a story to inspire every survivalist.

Read about him at:

The Tree Hugger site has many links to photos and details. Good reading.

Part of the point here is sustainability. Part is facing the human condition: fear, poverty, loneliness, pain, logistics.

Some survivalists urge a homesteading model whereby we stock up on foodstuffs, ammunition, buy some land, and create a shelter of permanence. This is good, and I hope it works, but for this to work we must have faith in the continuance of breathable air and usable water in our location.

I'm kinda loving Jason's approach. I know he had support and many modern things we wouldn't have in a true breakdown of civilization. Yet, if a person can dare a world wide, or even state wide adventure, motored by human muscle, over the course of weeks, months and years, survival skills of a most important nature must occur.

Self reliance, mobility, interaction with various cultures, while solving logistics and coming to terms with mortality seems to be a journey into the deeper realms of survival, honing instincts for survival and the positive mental attitude.

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