Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stop Shipping Junk to China

Guess I've been a recycler since day one. Today I received a really great comment from a viewer on You Tube. He liked the helpful "how to " videos that I make.

This one is all about utilizing the mesh sacks that oranges and onions come in.

A couple years ago, I read that we Americans ship our "junk" to China where they use it as raw material and refashion items to sell back to us.

It seems we could do that here.

I have a rug in progress, made entirely of old clothing. Rag rugs are made this way. I met an textile artist who bought yardage of new cloth, cut it into strips, and used a loom to reweave it into custom place mats.

This seems redundant to me.
How about just cutting up those old clothes, instead of throwing them into landfills, or donating to thrift stores. I've volunteered time at a thrift store and see how many clothes get rejected, and thrown away because they are too ragged. Yet, these same fabric goods could be turned into quilts and rugs.

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