Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Kind of Active Are You?

Proactive people anticipate need and take charge of the situation. The are change oriented, and make things happen. This really comes in handy when things are going downhill. They are the heroes that step up to the plate, invent, leave legacies,and build the life of their dreams. If their ship doesn't come in, they pirate one.
Reactive people react to things around them. Its a victim's role, a defensive position, blaming other people and circumstances for the chosen course of reaction. Wikipedia says a reactive response is due to stressful stimulus or emotional upset. To turn this around, a person has to start taking responsibility for their life, safety, and well being.
Interactive people compromise and try to involve others in decision making, believing in majority rule. They're good adapters, and productive. This is good for communities, but the independent thinker can be left out entirely.
Inactive people do nothing.
I read about Michael Sherwood, a retired dentist in Nelson County, Virginia who initiated a dental clinic, volunteering his time to make life better for those around him. Others began pitching in, donating money, time, space, an old trailer for office space. The Interactive people of the community are so important in making the world a better place.
The reactive people may take advantage of the resource. Maybe they will complain about possible loss of income for other dentists. Maybe they will worry about bad outcomes and legal obstacles. They will voice an opinion.
Then there's the inactive. They just plain don't do anything.
A huge thanks to all the proactive people who are trying to make the world a better place. They are proactive for their families, planning ahead for disasters, proactive in business, creating jobs and finding better ways to do things, proactive at work, initiating change when necessary.
Independent thinkers are proactive.
A big thanks to Dr. Michael Sherwood.

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