Sunday, January 9, 2011

Revealing Quote by Millionaire Karl Rabeder

Reader's Digest published an article on Austrian millionaire Karl Rabeder, written by E. Jane Dickson.
He was born into a poor family, but with a gift for business, he grew his wealth through his own insight and determination. He admits we buy stuff to make us happy, it doesn't make us happy, yet we continue to buy. The clincher, the quote I want to share is:
"... and it makes us easy to rule. We are like sheep with a barking dog to the left of us, making us anxious about the global financial crisis and the fact that we could lose our jobs, and another barking dog to the right, warning us about the need for expensive insurance in case we fall ill. So we work for the future without ever being able to live for the day."
He says that's how he lived his life for 25 years.
But, now he's downsizing. Selling it all to live in a hut in the Alps. Its just him, his wife left years ago.
He plans to live on less than $1,200.
I love it. I love that this "revelation" is published in a widely read, conservative, and well respected magazine.
This crazy stuff we're expected to buy, designer this and that, crap that is mass produced in China with no useful purpose is not making us happy and in fact makes us easier to rule.
Downsizing is the key to freedom.

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