Sunday, January 2, 2011

Failed Test Creates Mini Fuel Logs

After creating the Hobo Lamp using a twig wrapped with a strip of cotton fabric stick for a wick, I asked myself, "What else is like this?"

A brand new tampon is cotton, surrounded by a cardboard applicator. I followed the same procedure in building this lamp, substituting the wick. I poured the motor oil on the tampon wick.

I was disappointed with the initial results, but then saw a way to utilize this new product. The failure turned into a success.

I dumped the can out, re lit the tampon wick, and watched it burn for quite awhile. These mini fuel logs can be made by simply unwrapping a tampon (not those which have plastic applicators) and laying them in a dish. Pour the motor oil over them. Allow to set overnight so they absorb the oil. Remove and wrap in a scrap of newspaper to facilitate lighting.

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