Friday, January 28, 2011

Dual Survival-A Stategic Lesson

Last night we watched another episode of Dual Survival.
This time Dave and Cody were in the jungles of Belize heading for the coast.
As night approached, we saw both men preparing their shelter and bed.
Cody built a bed off the ground, under the leaf thatched hut they made together.
Dave built a hammock. Both agreed it was important to get off the ground where snakes, poisonous spiders and other night creatures would more easily hinder their sleep. Of course, those creatures can climb, but are less likely to do so.
With 40% of the canopy in the jungle being vines, they showed us how to utilize this valuable resource.
Both had unique ways of trying to make fire. Unfortunately neither was successful the first night.
Cody tried by using a slice of rock and striking it with the steal blade, sending sparks into fine dry tinder.
Dave used the silver half globe of a flash light to focus a tiny sun beam to try tinder located in the center where the bulb had been. Not enough sun in the jungle, but this method did produce a coal and subsequent fire on the beach once they arrived.
After the jungle, they reach the savannah. While bushwhacking through the Savannah they eventually found two boa constrictors mating. They each picked one up, talked about the future of snakes and decided to let them both go so that they could continue the species. Dave is such a hunter, but did not want to kill them because he said he wasn't hungry enough. I loved that. This is strategic planning. By letting them live, and continue the mating process, they thought about the big picture.
Once they arrived at the ocean, they found coconuts, an iguana, and containers. Dave shows us how to capture a treed iguana via noose attached to long pole , coaching Cody as he snags it.
Cody also shows us how to open and extract coconut milk.
If you get a chance to watch these guys, you'll be rewarded with much entertainment, but mostly fantastic lessons in survival.

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